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REGISTRATION FEE: $300.00 PER year, PER STUDENT (may be paid 150.00 per semester)

CURRICULUM FEE: 350.00 PER YEAR, PER STUDENT, due upon enrollment

, due before the 15th of each month


*A la carte classes for high school are $75.00 per month each, with a $75.00 curriculum fee per class




PCAL strives to maintain the highest quality and integrity in its policies regarding fees and the payment of those fees. We ask our families to do the same. Payments are due as stated in your application and unless other arrangements are made they need to be paid on a timely basis. We strive to keep the costs of our classes and programs at the lowest levels possible and yet provide the best quality possible.


  • A non-refundable curriculum fee, dependent on materials selected, will be due upon registration for any materials supplied by PCAL.
  • PCAL believes that each family should honor its financial obligations. All fees are due as agreed upon at the time of registration, and PCAL retains the right to refuse service or refuse to release records due to non-payment or non-participation. This is to include tuition, curriculum fees, and registration fees.
  • Students who fail to attend three classes per semester without prior arrangements will be dropped, and cannot re-admit without another registration process. Students who make arrangements for a leave of absence will still be held to their financial agreement.
  • Tuition is paid August through May
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